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Corriedale yarn at The Wool Company is perfect for knitters looking for thick durable wool for their next projects. Sourced from Corriedale sheep (New Zealand's first breed of sheep), the fibres of corriedale yarn are longer and bulkier than merino wool. Corriedale yarn is a crowd favourite for chunky knit scarves and cosy winter sweaters.

Benefits of Corriedale Knitting Yarn

Corriedale knitting yarn is ideal to be used for medium weight outer garments and general knitting. A benefit of using Corriedale wool is that they have a little more bulk and loftiness due to its medium diameter fibre. They will not slip around while knitting or become loose as you wear the completed garment. Not only this, corriedale knitting yarn is more grippy compared to delicate yarns such as baby merino yarn. The extra grip makes them ideal for gloves, rugs, outwears, and hats!

What is the difference between Corriedale Wool and Merino Wool?

Corriedale yarn is The Wool Company’s hand knitting yarn spun from carefully selected fleeces from Timahanga Station in the central North Island. Corriedale produces a soft yet hard wearing yarn, bringing you the best of both. Coming from a different breed of sheep compared to the sheep that supply merino knitting wool means there is a slight difference in the fibres. Corriedale knitting yarns may be less fine than merino, however, they are still naturally warm, super soft and durable!