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For the softest and most delicate knitting yarn, shop our merino wool for babies online at The Wool Company. This ultra soft Utiku wool is perfect for knitting and crocheting precious garments for your little ones. The softness of the material makes it the ideal choice for babies and individuals with sensitive skin. All our yarn is proudly 100% natural and sourced in the heart of New Zealand.

Merino Yarn for Babies

Baby merino knitting yarns are the perfect choice when knitting or crocheting for babies or anyone with sensitive skin. Baby knitting yarn is super smooth, making it itch free and far more comfortable than most synthetic yarns. The anti-flammable and delicate texture of this yarn is perfect for a scarf, onesie, or blanket for your little one.

Benefits of Baby Merino Yarn

Baby merino yarn is ultra-soft, hypoallergenic, itch-resistant, and ideal for warmth and comfort. This is why baby merino knitting yarn at The Wool Company is created to be far lighter and smoother than our harder-wearing Corriedale yarn. All our baby yarns are free from any chemicals or acrylics that could induce allergic reactions.

Why are merino baby yarns recommended for baby clothes?

Merino baby yarns are the go-to choice for knitting or crocheting baby clothing. Shop a collection of ultra soft, non-itch and flame-resistant baby knitting yarn online at The Wool Company.