Merino Wool

Discover the extraordinary world of merino with The Wool Company, where this remarkable natural fibre becomes the cornerstone of your comfort and style. Sourced from the lush landscapes of New Zealand, our merino wool stands as a testament to the pinnacle of quality and sustainability.

What Sets Merino Apart

Merino vs Normal Wool

Merino wool is not just wool; it's a revelation. Unlike regular wool, merino fibres are finer and softer, making them luxurious and gentle against your skin. Say goodbye to the itchiness associated with traditional wool, as merino takes comfort to a whole new level.

Merino vs Cashmere

While cashmere whispers opulence and luxury, merino wool offers a blend of comfort and practicality that's hard to resist. Beyond the realm of softness, merino's unique properties shine. It breathes, regulates temperature, and adapts to your body's needs, making it a superior choice for everyday wear.

Why Choose Merino?

Merino wool, designed by nature to shield sheep from the elements, now embraces your skin with unparalleled softness. Beyond its exquisite touch, merino wool is a dynamic fibre that adapts to your body's needs. It breathes, ensuring a consistent temperature that keeps you cool in the heat and warm in the cold. This unique quality extends to our merino clothing products, ensuring you feel consistently dry and warm, whatever the weather.

Many believe that merino is difficult to care for but, like any article of clothing, a simple adjustment to your wash routine ensure you can enjoy your merino for years to come! Take a look at our Care Advice page for helpful tips on how to preserve your merino clothing.

Beyond Warmth: The Versatility of Merino

Unlike synthetic counterparts, merino doesn't succumb to flames; it repels them. This makes it a safer choice, offering peace of mind in various situations. Additionally, merino is a natural odour absorber, allowing you to wear it for weeks without the unpleasant odour associated with other materials.

On warmer days, revel in the lightweight breathability of merino garments, perfect on their own. As temperatures dip, The Wool Company’s range of merino possum knitwear makes for the ultimate winter wardrobe options. The air trapped between the layers locks in warmth, providing a toasty haven even in the chilliest weather. Many of our customers attest to merino's prowess in regulating body temperature in air-conditioned environments, making it an ideal choice year-round.

Merino Wool For Everybody, Every Day

Merino stands as the epitome of gentleness, caressing even the most sensitive skin without irritation. At The Wool Company, we bring you the best of New Zealand's merino heritage, ensuring that every garment you wear is a celebration of nature's finest fibre.

Embrace the unrivalled comfort and performance of merino at The Wool Company – because when it comes to exceptional quality, there's no compromise. Shop our range of merino wool clothing for men, women, children and babies today!