Merino Wool

Merino worn next to your skin will keep you warm in all temperatures.

Merino is a natural fibre designed to protect sheep from the elements. It breathes even after it is removed from the sheep's back. This means it has the ability to keep your body at an even temperature, keeping you cool in the heat and warm in the cold, leaving you feeling dry and warm.

Merino naturally repels flames, unlike it's synthetic counterparts which melt at the hint of heat. It can also absorb odour, so can be worn for weeks, without washing with none of the nasty odour associated with cotton and synthetics.

A great thing about merino is that on a warmer day a light weight garment can be worn comfortably on its own, and in cold weather you can layer up with more merino, in doing so air is trapped between the merino layers to really lock in the warmth and make sure you are nice and toasty. Many of our customers find it ideal for controlling their body temperature in air conditioned environments.

Best of all it won't irritate the most sensitive of skin. Why wouldn't you wear it?