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Women's Merino & Merino Possum Knitwear for Any Season

Discover an exquisite array of women’s knitwear and clothing, meticulously fashioned from the finest merino wool and merino possum blends at The Wool Company. Our extensive selection offers a variety of styles, colours, and designs, tailored to suit every occasion.

Whether you’re looking for versatile merino sweaters or cosy merino tops for layering, merino thermals and underwear for cooler weather, or a merino vest for chilly mornings, our collection caters to your needs. Every garment is crafted with precision using merino wool or merino possum blends, ensuring a luxuriously soft texture, remarkable breathability, and day-long comfort.

Shop our range of women’s knitwear and merino wool clothes today and find the best in New Zealand; we stock not only our own range of merino products but a range of merino wool and possum fur items from popular brands like Native World, Lothlorian, Bay Road and Koru.

Shop the Women’s Range: Tops | Cardigans | Sweaters & Jerseys | Ponchos & Wraps

Sustainable Style in Women’s Merino Wool Clothing

Indulge in our stunning range of New Zealand-made women’s merino clothing, a testament to environmentally friendly attire that transcends seasonal boundaries. Crafted from all-natural fibres, our merino wool clothing ensures stable body temperatures, keeping you warm in the cold and cool in the heat.

Every garment is sustainably farmed and ethically manufactured, free from fibres that harm our environment. Explore the finest women’s knitwear, clothing, and accessories available online at The Wool Company.

More Merino for Women: Vests | Long-Sleeve Tops | Jackets | Underwear | Socks

Year-Round Elegance with Women's Merino Possum Clothing

Elevate your wardrobe with premium-quality women’s clothing and knitwear, expertly designed from high-grade merino possum blends available online at The Wool Company. Sourced locally in Marlborough, New Zealand, our merino possum clothing boasts 100% natural fibres, offering exceptional warmth - more than traditional merino wool - for those colder seasons.

These lightweight yet remarkably cosy garments offer supreme comfort, ideal for standalone wear or as layers beneath winter coats or sweaters. Embrace the full collection of merino possum women’s clothing at The Wool Company today.

Versatile Women's Knitwear in Merino & Possum Blends

Rejuvenate your wardrobe with The Wool Company's extensive array of women’s clothing, including merino knitwear, dresses, pants, and more.

Whether you're seeking additional layers or a chic merino coat to endure the winter, our collection has something for everyone. Conveniently shop our diverse range of women’s merino clothing online today.