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When it comes to warmth, comfort, and quality, few things can compare to the luxurious feel of our merino wool blankets and possum throws. At The Wool Company, we're dedicated to providing you with a wide collection of high-quality homeware crafted right here in New Zealand.

Our merino possum blankets and throws are renowned for their exceptional softness. Made from natural fibres, they offer a level of comfort that's hard to match. Breathable, ultra-soft, and lightweight, it's no wonder that our merino possum blankets have become a Kiwi favourite.

Shop our exclusive range of quality New Zealand-made merino and merino possum blankets and throws, perfect for enhancing your home living room, keeping warm in the colder months, or for a heartfelt and unique gift.

Merino & Merino Possum Blankets and Throws

Our collection of throw blankets made from merino possum comes with multiple benefits. These blankets are not only irresistibly soft but also resist odours and are non-irritant, making them perfect for individuals with sensitive skin, including the little ones.

For those seeking cosy knitted blankets, we also stock a variety of Herringbone blankets woven from 100% lambswool. Lambswool blankets are warm and cosy, offering comfort during the coldest of nights. Like all our products, our lambswool throws are sourced through ethical and environmentally conscious practices.

Warmth and Elegance Combined

Our collection includes an array of styles and colours to complement your home decor. From classic plain designs to intricate jacquard, basket weave, check, herringbone, and ombre patterns, there's a perfect option for every room.

Experience the Softness of Merino

Merino wool, known for its exceptional softness and warmth, is the cornerstone of our blankets and throws. We also offer a range of merino possum blend blankets that incorporate the richness of mulberry silk, elevating their luxurious feel. These high-quality blankets are sourced from the renowned McDonald brand.

Blankets & Throws, Ideal for Every Season

Whether you're preparing for chilly winter nights or adding a touch of cosiness to your summer evenings, our blankets and throws offer versatility. The natural temperature-regulating properties of merino wool make them suitable for year-round use.

Shop our exclusive selection today and take your pick of a variety of styles and colours, including basket weave designs, check and jacquard patterns, and gorgeous ombre colours.

A Perfect Gift

Looking for a unique and premium quality gift? Our merino and merino possum blankets and throws make thoughtful presents that will be cherished for years to come.

Elevate your home's comfort and style with our merino wool blankets and throws. Browse our collection and buy online to experience the unmatched warmth and luxury of New Zealand-made homeware.

Proudly New Zealand-Made

At The Wool Company, we take pride in our New Zealand heritage. Our products are 100% chemical-free and proudly New Zealand-made. We ensure that only the highest quality materials of merino possum and lambswool are used for our woollen blankets and possum throws.

These blankets are simply stunning and luxurious, and they are lightweight and easy to maintain. So, when you curl up during the winter, you can do so with ease, knowing that you're wrapped in the finest New Zealand-made warmth.

Easy Care for Your Wool Blankets

Maintaining the quality and shape of your merino wool or merino possum blankets is simple with our easy-to-follow care instructions, which come with every purchase of one of our blankets or throws. Wool blankets are naturally odour-resistant and can be dry-cleaned, ensuring they remain fresh and inviting for years to come.

Elevate your home's comfort and style with our premium merino wool blankets and possum throws. Browse our collection online and discover the unmatched warmth and luxury of New Zealand-made homeware.