Merino For Spring Wear

Merino will provide you with warmth when that chilly Spring breeze blows, and will keep you feeling cooler in the sun than synthetic fabrics. A light weight garment can be worn comfortably on its own in Spring and if the weather turn's a bit nasty you can layer up with one of our fabulous merino cardigans, ponchos or wraps. Merino is also perfect for wear in air conditioned offices by regulating your temperature between the conditioned office environment and the outside weather elements.

Our merino has been grown by nature in the Awatere Valley in New Zealand for over 150 years. This remarkable fibre keeps our sheep cool in the extreme summer heat of 30 degrees or more. So it will keep you cool too.

Merino is environmentally sustainable as it has none of the nasty plastic microfibres which are found in polyester, acrylic and nylon. Research shows that when we wash our clothes these microfibres are released into our waterways making up a staggering half a million tonnes a year, leading to ocean pollution. Refreshingly, merino is long lasting, renewable, recyclable and biodegradable. Why wouldn't you wear it ?