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Find all your stylish women’s merino possum blend ponchos and wraps available online at The Wool Company. Merino and merino possum blend ponchos and wraps are perfect for adding an extra layer of stylish warmth during colder seasons. Made in New Zealand following a sustainable process and using locally sourced natural fibres, women’s wool ponchos and wraps from The Wool Company will feel like a cosy hug.

Merino & Possum Fur Ponchos

Merino and possum fur ponchos are bound to become a wardrobe essential this winter. Possum fur ponchos for women are very fine, utilising the lightweight hollow fibres of possum fur which add beneficial insulation properties. These hollow fibres retain warmth and absorb moisture away from the body, adding a durability to our garments that helps them stand the test of time so your poncho can be a favourite piece for many years to come. Our versatile merino and merino possum wraps can transform casual day wear to evening wear. Layer a merino t-shirt or top under possum blend ponchos for that extra cosy factor.

Shop Women’s Capes & Wraps

Women’s merino and merino possum capes and wraps are available to purchase at your fingertips with The Wool Company’s easy online shopping. All our women’s poncho’s and wraps are made in New Zealand from locally sourced and sustainable materials. At The Wool Company we ensure during all manufacturing stages that the fine quality of the merino and/or merino possum fibres is retained.

Our garments are ethical and biodegradable. While we are confident that our garments will last for years and years, at the end of their life cycle the natural fibres of merino and merino possum blends will break down without harming the environment and naturally decompose in soil giving nutrients back into the earth.