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Merino Possum Wraps & Ponchos

Indulge in the exceptional warmth and softness of our merino possum blend, a signature feature in our range of women's wraps, ponchos and capes. From simple pullover ponchos to travel wraps and textured capes, The Wool Company has a wide range of options for women looking to keep warm and add a touch of elegance to their outfit.

Explore our collection of women's wraps and ponchos, available in a variety of styles, colours, fits and designs, online.

Shop Women's Ponchos & Wraps Online

As a local business in the heart of New Zealand, we take pride in offering a range of wraps, ponchos and capes that transcends fashion, blending the luxurious warmth of merino with the sustainable softness of possum fur. Each piece is designed to embrace the ethos of eco-friendliness and the timeless allure of New Zealand, homegrown fashion.

Women's Wraps, Shawls & Travel Wraps

Whether you're looking to layer up in winter or just want to keep the chill at bay on a cold day, our possum merino wraps are sure to become a go-to favourite in your wardrobe. Keep one in your car for on-the-go warmth, find a travel wrap for your next adventure, or add a soft, feminine outer layer to your outfit.

Our wraps are made from superfine merino and possum fibres, sourced locally and sustainably, making them an ethical - and completely biodegradable - addition to your wardrobe. Explore our extensive range of wraps to find the perfect one for you. From shawl wraps and travel wraps, to unique features and styles inspired by local New Zealand fashion, The Wool Company is the best place to shop wraps online.

Explore Merino Possum Ponchos & Capes

Much like our wraps, The Wool Company's range of merino possum ponchos and capes offer supreme warmth and complete comfort. Our locally-made capes and wool ponchos come in a variety of colours and styles, including sleeve and sleeveless options.

Our possum fur ponchos for women boast the finesse of lightweight hollow fibres, providing beneficial insulation properties that redefine warmth. These fibres have a unique ability to retain warmth while efficiently wicking away moisture from the body, ensuring you stay comfortably snug.

Possum fibre is 55% warmer than merino, making it extra effective against the cold. However, it's extra warmth without the added weight, as the lightweight fibres of possum fur, blended with our superfine merino, makes our ponchos light and comfortable.

Explore the range now and add these essential garments to your wardrobe.