possum eco blend and wool 36.6 tasman jersey
possum eco blend and wool 36.6 tasman jersey

Possum Eco Blend and Wool 36.6 Tasman Jersey

Style Code 1645
NZD $199.00
Colour: Coal
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A heavy weight dual layer Possum Fur/Wool Blend jersey. Great for outdoor workwear, with the benefit of the possum warmth and comfort on the interior, and the hardwearing wool outer layer. Workwear jersey with the fibre strength of: 25% Possum Fur, 65% Wool, 10% Nylon. Made in New Zealand by MKM Originals. Customer Review - Winter has come to South, a bit early maybe, but out comes my MKM 36.6 dual layer jersey. This is quite simply the best jersey have ever had for winter. Incredibly warm, thick but with the soft inner layer, it is also so comfortable. The outer is so tough that I cant see any sign of wear despite it being basically my everyday wear from June to September. I am tempted to buy another one now in case you have stopped making them by the time it does finally wear out. My wife could wish for a slightly less drab look but I dont care. By all means feel free to use these comments for marketing. Phil Scadden
Product Care
Warm wash with an approved wool detergent, rinse well. Do not bleach or tumble dry. Dry flat in the shade. Drycleanable.

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