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Soft, cosy and durable, The Wool Company’s range of men’s jerseys and jackets are a wardrobe essential this winter. We stock a range of styles including zip up jackets, V-neck and turtle neck sweaters - all made from high quality and sustainably sourced New Zealand merino wool and merino possum blends. Wool jerseys are a winter classic, perfect for daily wear and outdoor activities. Pair with a merino undershirt and a pair of merino wool socks and you are good to go for the chilly days.

Merino Possum Winter Jerseys For Men

Crafted with the finest materials of possum and merino wool, we’ve got a jacket for every occasion. Our winter jerseys are breathable, lightweight, non irritant, and heat retaining, making them the perfect go-to knitwear for everyday wear. Our extensive range of fine quality merino possum men jerseys comes with an option for everyone. Pick and choose from a different range of designs and colours that are functional, versatile and timeless.

Men’s Knit Jackets

The Wool Company is your trusted supplier of merino menswear including men’s knit jackets. We offer fine quality men’s knitted jackets and sweaters made from merino wool and possum fur. Most of the range of jackets are made of natural fibres that are 100% renewable, recyclable, and biodegradable.

Knit jackets don’t need to be prickly and irritating to wear! At The Wool Company we understand that some wool can be unpleasant to wear. Therefore, all our knit jackets and knit sweaters for men are composed of the finest merino or merino possum weave, offering maximum protection and comfort during wear.

Men’s Merino Sweaters

Our 100% merino sweaters for men are bound to become your winter wardrobe stable. Whether you’re lounging at home or out and about, pick a versatile and comfortable sweater from The Wool Company.

Shop Men’s Jackets & Jerseys Online

Shop all our latest men’s knitwear including jerseys and jackets from the convenience of your own home with The Wool Company’s online store.