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Shop our selection of high-quality merino thermals designed specifically for kids. At The Wool Company, we carefully craft our merino thermals using all-natural fibres that help regulate body temperature, making them the perfect go-to option for both winter and summer.

Explore our range of kids' merino thermals, including long sleeve shirts and singlets, and experience the superior comfort and plushness they offer.

Kids' Thermal Wear for All Seasons

Keep your children cosy and warm during winter with our merino thermal wear options. Proudly made right here in New Zealand from 100% superfine merino, our kids' thermals from The Wool Company fit snugly against the body, trapping heat and providing an excellent base layer for any occasion. The moisture-wicking technology of merino thermals absorbs excess moisture and sweat, ensuring your little ones stay dry and comfortable.

For added warmth during chilly seasons, pair our merino thermals with merino socks, beanies or gloves!

Children’s Merino Wool Singlets

Discover our selection of high-quality merino wool singlets for kids at The Wool Company. Proudly made in New Zealand, our merino wool singlets are crafted from the finest superfine merino, offering exceptional softness and comfort. Available in a variety of colours, our merino wool singlets are the perfect addition to your child's wardrobe, providing warmth and convenience.

In addition to our children’s range, we also offer a selection of merino thermals for babies and newborns!

Why Choose Merino Wool Thermals?

Merino wool thermals offer numerous advantages for kids, making them an excellent choice for all seasons. Merino wool is a natural insulator that helps regulate body temperature, keeping your little ones warm in the cold and cool in the heat. It has excellent moisture-wicking properties, effectively absorbing moisture away from the skin and keeping your children dry and comfortable during active play or outdoor adventures.

Our merino wool thermals are crafted using the finest superfine merino wool, ensuring exceptional softness against the skin. Your kids will love the luxurious feel and gentle touch of our thermals. Additionally, merino wool is highly breathable, allowing air circulation and preventing overheating. This breathability feature helps regulate body temperature and reduces sweat buildup, making it ideal for active kids.

One of the remarkable qualities of merino wool is its natural odour resistance. It has inherent antibacterial properties that reduce the buildup of odour-causing bacteria. This means your children can stay fresh and odour-free, even after long hours of wear.

Our children’s merino thermals are made from fully traceable merino fibre grown in Marlborough. We are privileged to work with several growers who are truly passionate about producing the very best quality merino wool, by ensuring the sheep are well cared for using sustainable and ecologically sound farming practices. This enables The Wool Company to produce the very best quality merino fabric from which to craft our merino thermal tops and tees.

Choose merino wool thermals from The Wool Company, and you can trust in our commitment to quality, ensuring the utmost comfort, durability, and style in every garment.